Friday, 14th July, 1769

Friday, 14th. Gentle breezes at North-East and Clear weather. I have before made mention of our departure from Royal Bay on the preceeding forenoon, and likewise that I had determined to run down to Huaheine and Ulietea before we stood to the Southward; but having discovered, from the Hills of George’s Island, an Island laying to the Northward, we first stood that way to take a nearer View of it. This Island is called Tethuroa. It lies North 1/2 West, distant 8 Leagues from Point Venus, and is a small, low, uninhabited Island, frequented by the people of George’s Island for fish, with which it is said to abound. At 6 A.M. the Westermost part of York Island bore South-East 1/2 South and the body of George’s Island East 1/2 South. Punished the 2 Marines who attempted to desert from us at George’s Island with 2 Dozen lashes each, and then released them from Confinement. At Noon the body of York Island bore East by South 1/2 South, Royal Bay South 70 degrees 45 minutes East, distant 61 Miles; and an Island which we took to be Saunder’s Island, discovered by Captain Wallace (called by the Natives Topoamanan), bore South-South-West Latitude observed, 17 degrees 9 minutes South. Saw land bearing North-West 1/2 West, which Tupia calls the Island of Huaheine.


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