Wednesday, 13th December, 1769

Wednesday, 13th. Fore part of P.M., Moderate breezes at North by West and fair weather; stood in shore until 5 O’Clock, at which time we tack’d and stood to the North-East being 2 Leagues to the Northward of Mount Camel and 1 1/2 Mile from shore, and this situation had 22 fathoms water. At 10 it began to blow and rain, which brought us under double Reeft Top sails; at 12 Tack’d and Stood to the Westward until 7 A.M. when we Tack’d and stood again to North-East, being at this time about a Mile to windward of the place where we tack’d last night. Soon after we Tack’d it came on to blow very hard at North-North-West with heavy squalls attended with rain, this brought us under our Courses and Split the Main Top sail in such a manner that it was necessary to unbend it and bring another to the Yard. At 10 it fell more moderate and we set the Top sails double reef’d. At Noon had strong Gales and hazey weather, Tack’d and stood to the Westward. No land in sight for the first time since we have been upon the Coast.


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