Tuesday, 19th December, 1769

Tuesday, 19th. The wind still continues at West. P.M., a moderate breeze and Clear weather. At 7 Tack’d in 35 fathoms; the point of land before mentioned bore North-West by North, distant 4 or 5 Miles, having not gained one inch to windward this last 24 hours, which is a great proof that there must be a Current setting to the Eastward. The Point of Land above mentioned I have called North Cape, judging it to be the Northermost Extremity of this Country. It lies in the Latitude of 34 degrees 22 minutes South and Longitude 186 degrees 55 minutes West from Greenwich, and North 63 degrees West 31 Leagues from Cape Brett; it forms the North Point of Sandy Bay, and is a peninsula juting out North-East about 2 Miles, and Terminates in a Bluff head which is flatt at Top. The Isthmus which joins this head to the Mainland is very low, on which account the land off the Cape from several situations makes like an Island. It appears still more remarkable when to the Southward of it by the appearance of a high round Island at the South-East Point of the Cape; but this is likewise a deception, being a round hill join’d to the Cape by a low, narrow neck of Land; on the South-East side of the Cape there appears to be anchorage, and where ships must be covered from South-East and North-West winds. We saw a Hippa or Village upon the Cape and some few inhabitants. In the night had some Squalls attended with rain, which obliged us to take another Reef in our Topsails. At 8 a.m. Tack’d and stood in Shore, and being moderate loosed a Reef out of each Topsail and set the small sails. At noon we were in the Latitude of 34 degrees 2 minutes South, and being hazey over the land we did not see it.


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