Saturday, 20th January, 1770

Saturday, 20th. Winds Southerly and fair, pleasant weather. Employ’d wooding, Watering, etc., and in the A.M. sent part of the Powder ashore to be Air’d. Some of the Natives brought alongside in one of their Canoes 4 of the heads of the Men they had lately kill’d; both the Hairy Scalps and Skin of the faces were on. Mr. Banks bought one of the 4, but they would not part with any of the other on any account whatever. The one Mr. Banks got had received a blow on the Temple that had broke the Skull. This morning I set out in the Pinnace accompanied by Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander, in order to Survey the West Coast of the Bay; we took our rout towards the head of the Bay, but it was near noon before we had got beyond the place we had been before.


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