Monday, 19th February, 1770

Monday, 19th. P.M. had a Moderate breeze at North-North-West and North until 8 o’clock, when it fell little wind, and was very unsettled until 10, at which time it fix’d at South, and freshen’d in such a manner that before the morning it brought us under our close reeft Topsails. At 8 a.m. having run 28 Leagues upon a West by North 1/2 North Course, and now judging ourselves to be to the Westward of the Land of Tovy Poenammu, we bore away North-West with a fresh Gale at South. At 10 o’clock, having run 11 Miles upon this Course, we saw land extending from the South-West to the North-West at the distance of about 10 Leagues from us, which we hauled up for. At Noon our Latitude per observation was 44 degrees 38 minutes South; the South-East point of Banks Island bore North 59 degrees 30 minutes East, distant 30 Leagues, and the Main body of the land in sight West by North. Course and distance sail’d since Yesterday at Noon is North 66 degrees 45 minutes West, 96 Miles.


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