Tuesday, 20th February, 1770

Tuesday, 20th. All P.M. had little wind, which veer’d round from South by East to North-North-East. Steer’d South-South-West, but got very little to the Southward on account of a head Sea. At 2 o’Clock sounded in 35 fathoms, fine sandy Bottom, being about 6 Leagues from the land. At 7 o’Clock the Extreams of the land extending from South-West by South to North by West, distant from the nearest shore 6 Leagues, depth of water 32 fathoms. At 12 o’Clock it fell Calm, and continued so until 4 A.M., when a fresh breeze sprung up at South by West, with which we stood in shore West by South, 4 Leagues, our Depth of Water from 32 to 13 fathoms. In this last Depth we Tack’d and Stood off, being about 3 Miles from the Shore, which lies nearly North and South, and is here very low and flatt, and continues so up to the skirts of the hills, which are at least 4 or 5 Miles inland. The whole face of the Country appears barren, nor did we see any signs of inhabitants. Latitude at Noon 44 degrees 44 minutes South; Longitude made from Banks’ Island to this land 2 degrees 22 minutes West.


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