Monday, 19th March, 1770

Monday, 19th. In the P.M. had a fresh breeze at South-West by West and West-South-West, which we made the most of until 6, when we shortned sail, and at 10 brought too, and sounded 115 fathoms, judging ourselves to be about 5 Leagues from the land. At midnight it fell little wind, on which account we made sail. At 8 a.m. the wind veer’d to the North-West by North, with which we stood to the North-East close upon a wind until noon, at which time we Tack’d, being about 3 Leagues from the land, and by Observation in the Latitude of 42 degrees 8 minutes and Longitude from Cape West 5 degrees 5 minutes East Course and distance run since Yesterday at Noon North 35 degrees East, 68 Miles; Depth of Water 65 fathoms, the land extending from North-East by North to South-South-West.


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