Monday, 26th March, 1770

Monday, 26th. At 3 p.m. the wind came to North, and we Steer’d East-South-East with all the Sail we could set until dark, when we shortned sail until the morning, having thick Misty weather. All Night we keept the lead going continually, and had from 37 to 48 fathoms. At day light we saw the land bearing South-East by East, and an Island laying near it bearing East-South-East, distant 5 Leagues. This I knew to be the Island seen from the Entrance of Queen Charlotte’s sound, from which it bears North-West by North, Distant 9 Leagues. At Noon it bore South-East, distant 4 or 5 miles, and the North-West head of Queen Charlotte’s sound bore South-East by South, distant 10 1/2 Leagues; Latitude ohserv’d 43 degrees 33 minutes South.


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