Friday, 30th March, 1770

Friday, 30th. Winds at South-East, a moderate breeze; the first and middle part dark, Hazey weather, with rain; the latter, fair. In the A.M., as the wind seem’d to be settled at South-East, and having nearly compleated our Water, we warped the Ship out of the Cove in order to have room to get under Sail. Before this was done it was Noon, at which time I went away in the Pinnace, in order to examine the Bay, and to Explore as much of it as the little time I had would Admit.


One response to “Friday, 30th March, 1770

  • ChrisH

    ” The Nights began to Cool. Autumn was Approaching. Cook Announced it was Time to Return to England. They had been at Sea Since August 1768…They Left on the Last Day of March 1770. From Cape Farewell….”The Next Morning…New Zealand was Lost in Rain and Cloud……..”

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