Saturday, 7th April, 1770

Saturday, 7th. Gentle breezes at North-East, which in the A.M. Veer’d to North-West. In the P.M. found the Variation by the Mean of several Azimuths to be 13 degrees 50 minutes East, being then in the Latitude of 37 degrees 23 minutes South, and Longitude 196 degrees 44 minutes West. In the A.M. Punished Jno. Bowles, Marine, with 12 lashes for refusing to do his duty when order’d by the Boatswain’s Mate and Serjeant of Marines. At Noon Latitude per Observation 37 degrees 35 minutes South, Longitude made from Cape Farewell 11 degrees 34 minutes West; Course and distance run since Yesterday noon South 70 degrees 15 minutes West, 50 Miles.


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