Friday, 24th August, 1770

Friday, 24th. In the P.M. had light Airs from the South-South-West, with which, after leaving Booby Island, as before mentioned, we steer’d West-North-West until 5 o’clock, when it fell Calm, and the Tide of Ebb which sets to the North-East soon after making, we Anchor’d in 8 fathoms soft sandy bottom, Booby Island bearing South 50 degrees East, distant 5 miles; Prince of Wales Isles extending from North-East by North to South 55 degrees East. There appear’d to be an open clear passage between these Islands extending from North 64 degrees East to East by North. At 1/2 past 5 in the morning in purchasing the Anchor, the Cable parted about 8 or 10 fathoms from the Anchor; I immediately order’d another Anchor to be let go, which brought the ship up before she had drove a cable’s length from the Buoy; after this we carried out a Kedge, and warped the ship nearer to it, and then endeavour’d to sweep the Anchor with a Hawser, but miss’d it, and broke away the Buoy rope. We made several Attempts afterwards, but did not succeed. While the Boats were thus employed we hove up the Kedge Anchor, it being of no more use. At Noon Latitude observed 10 degrees 30 minutes South. Winds at North-East, a fresh breeze; the Flood Tide here comes from the same Quarter.


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