Monday, 27th August, 1770

Monday, 27th. Fresh breezes between the East by North and East-South-East, with which we steer’d West until sun set; depth of Water from 27 to 23 fathoms. We now Reef’d the Topsails, shortened Sail, and hoisted in the pinnace and Long boat up alongside, and afterwards kept upon a Wind all night under our Topsails, 4 hours on one Tack and four hours on the other; depth of Water 25 fathoms, very even soundings. At daylight made all the Sail we could, and steer’d West-North-West until 8 o’clock, then North-West; at Noon we were by Observation in the Latitude of 9 degrees 56 minutes South, Longitude 221 degrees 00 minutes West; Variation 2 degrees 30 minutes East. Course and distance sail’d since yesterday at Noon North 73 degrees 33 minutes West, 49 miles.


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