Sunday, 9th September, 1770

Sunday, 9th. Light Airs and Clear weather the most part of this 24 Hours. In the evening found the Variation by several Azimuths to be 0 degrees 12 minutes West, and by the Amplitude 0 degrees 5 minutes West. At Noon we were by observation in the Latitude of 9 degrees 46 minutes South, Longitude 232 degrees 7 minutes West. Course and distance sail’d since yesterday at Noon South 78 degrees 45 minutes West, 52 Miles. For these 2 days past we have steer’d due West, and yet we have by observation made 16 Miles Southing–6 Miles Yesterday and 10 to-day; from which it should seem that there is a Current setting to the Southward and Westward withall, as I should suppose.


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