Wednesday, 12th September, 1770

Wednesday, 12th. Winds between the South and West, a light breeze and Clear weather in the P.M.; stood in shore until 8 o’Clock, then Tack’d and stood off, being about 6 Leagues from the Land, which at dark extend from South-West 1/2 West to North-East; at this time we sounded and had no ground with 140 fathoms of line, being not above 4 Leagues from the Land. At 12 o’Clock we Tack’d and stood in, having but little wind, and continued so until noon, at which time we were by Observation in Latitude 9 degrees 36 minutes South; the Log this 24 Hours gave 18 Miles Westing, but it did not appear by the land that we had made so much. We saw several Smoaks upon the Land by day, and fires in the Night.


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