Saturday, 15th September, 1770

Saturday, 15th. In the P.M. had the Sea breezes at South-South-West and South, with which we stood to the Westward until 8 o’Clock, when being about 3 Leagues from the Land, and having very little wind, we tack’d and lay her Head off Shore. At 11 o’Clock we got the Land wind at North by West, with which we steer’d South-West by West along shore, keeping about 4 or 5 Miles from the Land on which in the morning we saw several Houses, Plantations, etc. At 9 o’Clock we got the wind at North-East by East, a light breeze; at Noon we were about 2 Leagues from the Land, which extended as far to the Southward as South-West by West; our Latitude by observation was 10 degrees 1 minute South. Course and Distance sail’d since Yesterday at Noon South 78 degrees 45 minutes West, 36 Miles.


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