Thursday, 4th October, 1770

Thursday, 4th. In the P.M. had the wind at North-East by North, which obliged us to lay fast. About 6 o’Clock in the evening one of the Country Boats came alongside in which was the Commander of the Packet before mentioned; he seem’d to have 2 Motives for coming, one to take an account of the Ship, and the other to sell us refreshments, for in the Boat were Turtle, Fowls, Birds, etc., all of which they held at a pretty high Price, and had brought to a bad market, as our Savu stock was not all expended. I gave a Spanish Dollar for a small Turtle which weighed only 36 pounds. With respect to the Ship, he wanted to know her name, the Captain’s, the place we came last from and were bound, as I would not see him myself. I order’d that no account should be given him from whence we came; but Mr. Hicks, who wrote the Ship’s name down in his book, put down from Europe. Seeing this he expressed some surprise, and said that we might write down what we pleased, for it was of no other use than for the information of such of our Country men as might pass these Streights. At 7 o’Clock a light breeze sprung up at South-South-East, with which we got under sail. At 1 A.M. Anchor’d again, having not wind to stem the Current which we found to run 3 Knotts; at 2 o’Clock we weighed again, but, finding that we lost ground, we were obliged to Anchor in 18 fathoms, the Island Pulo Morack, which lies close under the Shore 3 Miles to the Westward of Bantam Point: bore South-East by South, distance 1 1/2 miles. Latitude observed, 5 degrees 55 minutes South.


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