Tuesday, 16th October, 1770

Tuesday, 16th. Finding, by a strict inquiry, that there were no private person or persons in the place that could at this time advance me a sufficient sum of money to defray the charge I might be at in repairing and refitting the Ship–at least, if there were any, they would be afraid to do it without leave from the Governor–wherefore I had nothing left but to apply to the Governor himself, and accordingly drew up the following request, which I laid before the Governor and Council this morning, in consequence of which the Shebander had orders to supply me with what money I wanted out of the Company’s Treasure:–

Lieutenant James Cook, Commander of His Brittannick Majesty’s Bark the Endeavour, begs leave to represent to His Excellency the Right Honourable Petrus Albertus Van der Parra, Governor-General, etc., etc., That he will be in want of a Sum or Sums of Money in order to defray the Charge he will be at in repairing and refiting His Brittannick Majesty’s Ship at this place; which sum or sums of money he is directed by his Instructions, and empower’d by his commission, to give Bills of Exchange on the respective Offices which Superintend His Brittannick Majesty’s Navy. The said Lieutenant James Cook Requests of His Excellency, That he will be pleased to order him to be supply’d with such sum or sums of money, either out of the Company’s Treasure, or permit such private persons to do it as may be willing to advance money for Bills of Exchange on the Honourable and Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Brittannick Majesty’s Navy, the Commissioners for Victualling His Majesty’s Navy, and the Commissioners for taking care of the Sick and Hurt. Dated on board His Brittannick Majesty’s Bark the Endeavour, in Batavia Road, the 16th of October, 1770. JAMES COOK.


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