Thursday, 18th October, 1770

Thursday, 18th. In the P.M. received on board 2 live Oxen, 150 Gallons of Arrack, 3 Barrels of Tar, and one of Pitch; at daylight in the A.M. took up our Anchor and run down to Onrust. At 9 Anchor’d in 7 fathoms off Coopers Island, which lies close to Onrust. There are wharfs at both of these Islands, and ships land there stores, sometimes on the one and sometimes on the other, but it is only at Onrust where the proper conveniences are for heaving down. Soon after we Anchor’d I went on shore to the Officer of the Yard, to see if they could not allow us some place to land our stores, but this could not be granted without orders.


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