Saturday, 24th November, 1770

Saturday, 24th. Employ’d as yesterday.


3 responses to “Saturday, 24th November, 1770

  • gpcox

    I’ve begun some research into the earliest events that would eventually cause WWII and Cook’s name came up in reference to his mapping out the Pacific. This will not be for about 2 months, but may I have your permission to add a link to your site at that time? I always try to encourage curiosity in my readers and for those interested, I would like to avail them of your site.

    • netkingcol


      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, please feel free to link to Cook’s blog. For the moment it is limited to his first voyage round the world. In terms of mapping the Pacific, the Endeavour explored some of French Polynesia and then sailed on to New Zealand and Australia. I don’t know how relevant that will be for your research but, as you suggest, curiosity should take you anywhere.

      Best wishes, Colin Hazlehurst

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