Thursday, 7th February, 1771

Thursday, 7th. Gentle Gales, with some Showers in the night. In the Evening found the variation to be 3 degrees 24 minutes West, and in the Morning I took several observations of the Sun and Moon, the mean result of which, carried on to Noon, gave 276 degrees 19 minutes West Longitude from Greenwich, which is 2 degrees to the Westward of that given by the Log; this, I believe, is owing to a following Sea, which I have not as yet allowed, for I judge it to be 6 miles a day since we have had the South-East Trade wind. Wind South-East; course South 75 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 110 miles; latitude 18 degrees 58 minutes South; longitude 274 degrees 20 minutes per Log, 276 degrees 19 minutes per Observation.


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