Thursday, 21st February, 1771

Thursday, 21st. First and middle parts fair weather; Latter Squally, attended with Showers of Rain. Between 2 and 3 o’Clock p.m. took several Observations of the Sun and Moon; the mean result of them gave 306 degrees 33 minutes West Longitude from Greenwich, which is 1 degree 55 minutes West of account, and corresponds very well with the last Observations, for at that time the Ship was 2 degrees 10 minutes West of account. In the Night died of the Flux Alexander Simpson, a very good Seaman. In the Morning punished Thomas Rossiter with 12 lashes for getting Drunk, grossly assaulting the Officer of the Watch, and beating some of the Sick. Wind South to East-South-East; course West by South; distance 126 miles; latitude 25 degrees 21 minutes South; longitude 304 degrees 39 minutes per Account, 306 degrees 34 minutes per Observation.


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