Monday, 25th February, 1771

Monday, 25th. Gentle Gales, and fair weather. Variation per Evening Azimuth 24 degrees 20 minutes West, and by the Morning Amplitude 24 degrees West Longitude; by Observation of the [circle around a dot, sun] and [crescent, moon] is 3 degrees to the Westwarn of the Log, which shews that the Ship has gain’d upon the Log 1 degree 5 minutes in 3 Days, in which time we have always found the Observ’d Latitude to the Southward of that given by the Log. These Joint Observations proves that there must be a current setting between the South and West. Wind East by South; course South 58 degrees 30 minutes West; distance 122 miles; latitude 28 degrees 49 minutes South; longitude 313 degrees 6 minutes West, 316 degrees 6 minutes per Observation.


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