Friday, 8th March, 1771

Friday, 8th. In the P.M. stood to the Westward, with the wind at South by West until 4 o’clock; then again to the Eastward, having the land in sight, extending from North-North-East to West by North, distant 8 Leagues. At 12 the wind veer’d to the Eastward, and before Noon blow’d a fresh breeze, with which we steer’d South-West. At 7, the land extending from North-North-West to East-North-East, distant 10 or 12 Leagues, found the Variation by the Amplitude to be 28 degrees 30 minutes West, and by an Azimuth 28 degrees 8 minutes West. At Noon Latitude observ’d 34 degrees 18 minutes, which is 93 miles to the Southward of that given by the Log, or dead reckoning since the last observation. Wind Easterly; course South 39 1/2 degrees West; distance 109 miles; latitude 34 degrees 18 minutes South; longitude 333 degrees 19 minutes West per Observation, 324 degrees 23 minutes per Reckoning.

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