Tuesday, 12th March, 1771

Tuesday, 12th. In the P.M. had the wind at South-East and East, with which we steer’d along shore West and West-South-West. At 6 Cape Laguillas bore West, distance 3 Leagues. At 8, the wind being then at South, we tack’d and stood off, being about 2 Leagues from the Cape, which bore about West-North-West. In this Situation had 33 fathoms water; the Wind continued between South-West and South all night, in times very Squally, with rain. At 2 a.m. tacked to the Westward until near 8, when we again stood off Cape Laguillas, North-West, distance 2 or 3 Leagues. At 9 the weather clear’d up, and the wind fix’d at South by West. We tack’d, and stood to the Westward. At Noon Cape Laguillas bore North-East by North, distant 4 Leagues. The land of this Cape is very low and sandy next the Sea; inland it is of a moderate height. Latitude 34 degrees 50 minutes South, Longitude 339 degrees 23 minutes West, or 20 degrees 37 minutes East, deduced from Yesterday’s Observations. Wind East-South-East Southerly; course South 69 degrees 30 minutes West; distance 37 miles; Latitude 34 degrees 58 minutes South; longitude 339 degrees 30 minutes per Observation, 329 degrees 17 minutes per Reckoning.


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