This presentation of Captain Cook’s journal and the accompanying Google Earth visualisation of his first voyage round the world were made possible thanks to the following individuals and organisations.

Philipp Müller…

…who put in many hours of work to create the 3D model of the ship which I used to animate the voyage in Google Earth, and who readily gave permission for its use. An image of his model is also shown on the banner of the blog.


…for making available SketchUp for 3D-modelling; for providing Google Earth as the platform where the animation runs; and for providing and supporting the KML markup language used to implement the animation.


…for making available the blogging platform and all its wonderful themes on which this publication depends. The only thing I had to pay for was the CSS editing extension so I could hide much of the usual metadata surrounding each post. I want the blog to look like a paper journal. I used the import/export tools extensively to semi-automate the posting of journal entries (see the technology page if you’re interested).

NCH Software…

…from whom I bought the WavePad Sound Editor. This was invaluable for the production of the voice-over to the animation which uses clips from their sound library (I resented paying $9 for a sound effect created by the BBC long ago. Surely 40 years of paying my TV licence has already paid for it!).

Captain James Cook…

…who did all of the hard work. The text of his journals is available in HTML format from a wide number of sources on the web. I extracted the data and images, all of which I believe to be in the public domain from an epub downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

Note: I’m not using the Project Gutenberg trademark, simply identifying my sources. In no way could this publication be said to be unaltered (a condition of using their trademark): it’s edited, abridged, redacted, and transformed to new modes of expression.

Colin Hazlehurst
Liverpool, April 2011


One response to “credits

  • jeffjencks

    I’d like to invite you to visit

    It is a wiki that showcases various Google Earth and virtual sightseeing options. Feel free to add an article promoting the voyage of Captain James Cook under the category of Explorations. Feel free to add other articles if you have other projects you’d like to showcase. And feel free to write me at if you have any questions. These voyages are the best productions I’ve seen yet on Google Earth.

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