(From the journal).

IT is necessary to premise by way of explanation, that in this Journal
(except while we lay at George’s Island) the day is supposed to begin and
end at noon, as for instance, Friday the 27th May, began at noon on
Thursday 26th, and ended the following noon according to the natural day,
and all the courses and bearings are the true courses and bearings
according to the Globe, and not by Compass. The longitude is counted West
from the meridian of Greenwich where no other place is particularly
mentioned. The proportional length of the log-line to the half minute
glass, by which the ships run was measured, is as thirty seconds is to
thirty feet.

While the ship lay in port or was coasting in sight of land, or sailing
in narrow seas, this Journal is not kept in the usual form, but the
degrees of Latitude and Longitude the ship passes over are put down at
the top of each page, by which together with the notes in the margin an
easy reference will be had to the Chart.


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